Marshall's Tie Tac

Silver Tie Tac W/ Stone from Mount Everest

Tie Tac with Mount Everest Stone

Marshall has summited the highest mountain on every continent. A few Years ago, he had me polish several stones that he brought back from Everest. Here is a tie tac that I made for him from one of the stones. I am so lucky to have such fascinating customers!

LOCATION:   Evergreen, Colorado
MATERIALS:   Silver, Stone (Mount Everest)

This project came about as Marshall was about to do a lecture on his travels. The piece would be given to an audience member who answered a question correctly at the end of his presentation. He wanted me to make a tie tack and in our design consultation we came up with the concept of a mountain. I pulled a photo of Mt. Everest as my inspiration. He didn’t want to give it away! That’s OK Marshall, I can make you another!

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